Makes ya wanna think.

On the road to Greedville

I’ve started inviting old friends to test the game. I emailed my kindergarten buddy Mike Perren and reconnected with my best friend from high school Denis Grundmann. I found Denis googling (Bless you, St. Al) – he’s got a great website selling his art – .

I’ve had a great exchange with Casey Muratori about the gameplay of ChipWits. I’ll post excerpts from it. He really wants it to go in a puzzle and level-up direction, which I know is doable and lots of fun but is waaaay different from the original ChipWits’ gameplay. Puzzles are also not my strength as a creator.

I am going to craft a couple new missions. Actually spend time playtesting them myself. Good clean fun.

But first I am going to create a playable 4-room classic Greedville. The simplest mission should be the first ChipWit online contest.

Drove the box with the Black Lotus to the Post Office in Luck (WI) this afternoon. Beautiful grey hazy sun.

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  1. denisgrundmann

    Hi droog – post me at – my wordpress blog. did you know that William J. Clinton gave the commencement address at our graduation on 6/5/1970?

    April 12, 2015 at 1:09 pm

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