Makes ya wanna think.

Adventures in Digital Paleoludology – The Disappearing Disk Trick

I’m having a lot of unexpected fun exploring the mazes of the original ChipWits missions on the Apple II Emulator. Here is a screenshot of my work partway through mapping Octopus Garden:

Octupus Garden Mapping Expedition Screenshot

Octopus Garden is a mission designed to make you use your ChipWits’ MOVE STACK. The ChipWit always starts in the same room, from which 8 wriggly corridors protrude. There is a fat point-bearing DISK at the end of each corridor. So a ChipWit can feel its way down a wall, saving each SKATE MOVE, and then return to the center room by SKATEing the MOVE STACK and POPping it.

I’m glad I’m replaying these old mission, albeit just by using a key-pressed driven CW, because I am discovering some fun tricks we did with maze design to challenge the players.

This is a series of room leading upward from the start room:Disappearing Disk Trick
In the top room is the prize – a DISK. Turns out that the DISK disappears when you leave the room. So a ChipWit feeling its way along the lefthand wall would enter the prize room, exit it, and find an empty room when it reentered. Obviously to get that DISK a ChipWit will have to IFSMELL in every room.

It’s a real kick being back in the hi-fi colors of the Apple II.

280 X 192 Pixels in high resolution mode. And the color choices – either black, white, orange, and blue OR black, white, purple, and green.

Glorius Apple II Color!

Back to the mazes – Memory Lanes. Haha. I actually didn’t plan that. I sign off this post to explore Memory Lanes. Ah, memories…

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