Makes ya wanna think.

ChipWits is Open Source!!!

Mike and I discussed the future of ChipWits and decided the only way to go is to make it Open Source. That’s not quite the correct terminology – Open Format is more correct. The ChipWit and Mission data file formats will be open standards so that people will be able to exchange ChipWit files between our version of the game and versions others write.

Why is this important for a simple little game like ChipWits? People have been writing their own versions of ChipWits since it first came out. Two of the old ChipWit fans who are helping us with the revival each programmed their own versions of the game – Mark 12 years ago when he was a teen and Klaus has been working on his own version this year.

ChipWits is a programming game and it’s flattering that it inspires programmers to write their own versions.

We at ChipWits Central ( yes, will go live by the end of the month) will, of course, write the coolest version of ChipWits so we’ll make lots of dough. And we will establish an online ChipWits gaming community, hold contests, and build a 3D ChipWits world.

So we want people to write freeware versions for the One Laptop Per Child , Second Life, Open Croquet …

Tonight I pick up my daughter and ChipWit artist, Margaret, at the airport and we will put in a hard fun couple weeks getting our ChipWits out the door as shareware beta.

Opening up ChipWits feels great.

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