Makes ya wanna think.

I just shook hands with a flying squirrel

The flyers are at the feeder and I went out with a handfull of pecans. One little guy was quite unafraid of me and so I held up a pecan near a branch. He scampered over and lunged for it, knocking it out of my fingers, then grabbed my finger and scooted away.

I counted 5 in the tree. I left a pile of pecans under the tree and I can watch them stuff themselves as I work on ChipWits.

I am going to work on Mission Series tonight. That runs a designated number of missions and keeps an average score.

One response

  1. Doug,

    Please pardon the interruption, but are you the Doug Sharp I either (a) went to elementary school with at Randle Highlands, or (b) was in Boy Scout troop 88 with in Washington DC? The one who played French Horn and lived (maybe) on/off Texas Ave?

    I’m not sure that you weren’t both in school and scouts, but I’m coming rapidly up on 56 and that was a long time ago…

    If you are the Doug Sharp I remember, we went fishing on the Anacostia River once with your dad’s fishing gear, and thankfully, didn’t catch anything.

    All the best,
    Rob Weaver

    October 12, 2008 at 7:13 pm

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