Makes ya wanna think.

First Games!

Margaret’s ChipWit Bob beat my ChipWit Dumpster in the 1st head-to-head competition in the new ChipWits:

Bob Rules the first ChipWit Contest <-Clickez moi.

1,499 average, 2,700 high score in a 5-game series in Greedville. My ChipWit, named Dumpster, averaged only in the 1,200’s.

That’s the new look of ChipWits! Art by Margaret Sharp, my daughter (beams proudly).

Greedville is the easiest Mission. It’s filled with respawning good stuff – 50-point OIL, 100-point DISK’s, and 150-point CD’s. So the best strategy is to PICKUP anything that isn’t nailed down. Margaret’s Bob was more efficient than Dumpster because I used IFFEEL a couple more times, wasting cycles.

Getting beat by Margaret was the most fun I’ve had with ChipWits in, oh, 22 years or so.

The underlying fun for me is that I know ChipWits is now playable again. I spent yesterday snuffing a memory leak which ground the whole game to a halt and I ran a couple series of over 100 Missions each.

We did another 1st when Margaret emailed me her “Bob.chipwit” file. Players will be able to exchange ChipWits. So we will be able to hold contests at

We are going to get a couple more of the original Missions playable and then start a very quiet beta test of ChipWits. I’d like to keep playtesting fairly small until the game is functionally equivalent to the original – then we’ll ask all of the friends of ChipWits to spread the word – ChipWits is back!

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