Makes ya wanna think.

Car eaten by Chipmunks

I went to start the car a couple days ago and nada. Not a peep. The battery was drained. I got a charger and charged it and nothing.

But nestled right beside the battery I found a leafy nest, and beside the nest a bundle of chewed wires – none of them bare to metal but there are oodles of wires snaking into chipmunk-sized recesses all over the engine.

Our car is parked at the end of a long, beautiful, windy, hilly, narrow road. The guy who plows our drive told me once it was the most beautiful driveway he’d ever driven. Not suitable for tow trucks.

Margaret and I only use the car once a week to drive into the big city (pop 1,210) of Luck, WI to refill our supplies of pie, coffee, and microwave food.

And we’ve got great neighbors who agreed to lend us their truck once a week.

So I am booting the car problem until after we ship a shareware version of the game.

Left to do:

  • Serial number stuff
  • Test each of the original 8 missions
  • Include new intro help, sufficient for new users to get going with the game (Margaret’s been working hard on it)
  • Electrocrab behavior
  • EULA

And then we can set up a forum and start talking about the future of ChipWits.

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