Makes ya wanna think.

Beta progress and a new Operator – SAY

Margaret and I are counting down our list of tasks for beta release of ChipWits. I decided to implement a fun, experimental SAY operator.

SAY uses the text-to-speech capabilities of a Mac or PC to – you guessed it – “say” stuff. When you plug in a SAY chip you get prompted for text, so anything goes – poetry, prophanity, or even reports from your ChipWits on progress in a mission.

The voice, at least on my PC, is the usual drunken Norwegian/Stephen Hawking computer voice, which doesn’t sound quite right coming from a ChipWit. But it’s fun so we’ll see what ChipWit fans think of it.

I just got IFSMELL working properly – up until now it smelled for a THING in the entire maze rather than just the room.

I am on a pretty even keel for working, so I am optimistic I’ll have a build within a few days. No target date – but progress IS being made.

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