Makes ya wanna think.

Pipes frozen and the show goes on

Woke up this bitter cold morning to find the faucets dry. -20 degree weather found a chink in our pipe heating/insulation somewhere. No sign of burst pipe so far. Not a gurgle from the water pump, which I choose to interpret as a good sign.

I’ve positioned electric heaters under blankets near every exposed point I know of and we’re running the fireplace to sauna levels inside the cabin.

ChipWits playtesting has gone great. Found some real bonehead errors in the stack routines, but we’re beta testing so I can embarass myself in front of a small group of people rather than the hordes that will soon be downloading and playing ChipWits.

Margaret has a great new look for that we hope to roll out by the end of today. We are going to start selling the game this weekend at the low, low intro price of $14.95.

Meanwhile I have to call the neighbors and borrow their car so I can haul buckets and jugs of water to The Pad.

On a funner note – the flying squirrels were back last night and they now line up to eat pecans out of my fingers. They are no-nonsense about grabbing the pecans. Their attititude is – That’s mine. Gimme. Yank.

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