Makes ya wanna think.

Margaret Lives!

Last night little sleep got slept at The Pad. Margaret got 0 zzz’s so I got her into the doc first thing this morning. Verdict – high blood pressure as a side effect of her pneumonia, leading to racing heartrate. They gave her Toprol-XL to slow down her pump. Her lungs are fine – the pneumonia is under control – and we’ll take her back Wednesday for follow-up.

Today she slept all afternoon after 36 hours awake and is feeling much better.

Since it was in the balmy high teens I decided to get the car to the car doc, too. My kind neighbor, Paul, gave me a hand pulling the dead Subaru to a spot on our entry road where a large towtruck could get to it. Then the nice people at AAA sent a huge truck which lifted up the car and hauled it away to the megopolis of Turtle Lake. The car repair shop says they’ve dealt with a few squirrel- and mouse-caused car deaths recently, so fingers crossed it’s a cheap wiring fix.

I am tired. I’ve made it a rule not to drop a build when I am this tired, so I ask the clamoring ChipWits fans to hold on for another day. I fixed a slew of bugs yesterday and want to kill that open/save dialog bug before I send our little game out for playtesting again.

Tonight we sleep.

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