Makes ya wanna think.

New ChipWits build and close encounter with an otter

We are back on track after a few days of tussling with germs and autos. Finally dropped another build of ChipWits on the website.
I killed the Open/Save dialog bug, got ChipWits to retain their colors, and knocked off a number of annoyingnesses . Once a few playtesters assure me that build 177 hasn’t melted their machines I will run a new contest, inviting more playtesters in.

I am going to try to get the Mac downloadable running this week. I really want to have a Mac version available when we go public with the game. ChipWits was designed for the very first Mac.

Lot’s of good things happening. Margaret is sleeping for the 2nd night in a row and is starting to get back into ChipWits art and mission building. She is half the team and ChipWits needs her. The car is running – fixing the squirrel-bitten wiring cost only $121.26.

I took a dog walk out on the wild lake today. Travis ran ahead to check out the beaver lodge. The lake has fallen about  3 feet and so the ice is sagging and cracked around the lodge. As Travis arrived at the logpile a very large, wet otter popped out onto the ice surface, surprising Travis so much that he just stood there while it slid back under the ice sheet. While Mika and I toured the rest of the lake Travis spent his time nosing around the lodge trying to figure out where the otter went. Being a reasonable being, it never occurred to him that the otter voluntarily dove back into the icy water in today’s 5-degree chill. Travis was very satisfied by the encounter.

Tomorrow – ELECTROCRAB behavior – the frontiers of Artificial Stupidity.

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