Makes ya wanna think.

Contest of Doom & ChipWits Forums

I just uploaded a new build of ChipWits and announced this week’s contest – Doom Rooms.

I’ve had a couple of great days of programming, some of my best days in months. I think this trend will continue.

I implemented Hummingbird Mode – supah-fast ChipWit speed. That’s really going to be helpful when we have to run all the contest-entry ChipWits through a 10-mission series.

Margaret and I also set up ChipWits forums at Wonder who will be the first one besides me to post there. Dare ya.

We are snowed in. Our plow guy gave up and is going to try a bigger plow tomorrow.

We are going to spend the next few days adding Intro Missions and documentation and then mid-week we’ll start announcing the game in geek forums. I want a bunch of programmers in the next batch of playtesters – it’s not quite ready for the mass market yet until we document and tutorialize more.

I feel good about ChipWits and the prospect of making bucks off of it.

Margaret got some great video footage of Herman the Ermine. We’ll upload some action footage of this magical little creature to youTube.

It’s a good sign that I am heading to bed before 1 am.

I just posted 2 more chapters of Channel Zilch.

One response

  1. Droog,

    Congrats on your progress. Wow that you’re snowed in beyond plowing — here in Europe (at least the med/Aegean and the UK), it’s been a scary mild winter… unlike most of the US.

    Well done also on posting CZ.


    February 28, 2007 at 1:15 am

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