Makes ya wanna think.

ChipWits marches on

I got some extremely useful feedback from the geek gamer forums. As a result of the feedback we are going to spend another month on ChipWits before releasing it.

The biggest request is for LOTs more tutorial missions. So we will ship with >30 of them.

I’ve spent some time twiddling with low-level and performance issues. A couple people commented that dragging-and-dropping chips was awkward. I spent a day making that work a lot more smoothly. Since the heart of ChipWits is the chips this one is big. The feedback on this issue shows why beta playtesting is crucial – I had just got used to the clunkiness of the drag-and-drop and ignored it.

I also identified a big Flash-related animation slowdown and fixed that.

I’ve been struggling a bit with my neural problems, not being very productive. Next week I go to a new pain clinic – fingers crossed.

In designing a lot of new missions Margaret and I are coming up with some new baddies. Those will be fun to implement. I’ll write about them later this week.

It looks like Margaret’s ermine roommate – Herman – has decamped to the great outdoors. No recent signs of our flying squirrel neighbors, either. Life is a bit less interesting at The Pad.

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