Makes ya wanna think.

Good day of programming

I’ve had some problems programming recently, so I haven’t pushed ChipWits forward much. So it felt good tonight to have a productive session. It looks like I will meet my goal of having a new build of ChipWits tomorrow. And I will kick off a new contest.

I added high score keeping for each mission. So players can keep tweaking their ‘wits to break the high score and high series records.

The lake has been open for days – way too early in Spring for the thaw. The past 2 years ice went out on April 9th – this is almost 2 weeks earlier. A definite result of global warming, which scares me.

The next few decades will be stressful for the plants and animals in my woods and lake. It’ll be sad to see marginal species die off. I wonder if the pitcher plants will survive? Or the flying squirrels?

It’s been too blustery to take advantage of the extra week of canoing. Maybe tomorrow.

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