Makes ya wanna think.

I’m going to finish Channel Zilch

I’ve just joined the Clarion West 2007 write-a-thon. It’s a fundraiser for the great speculative writing workshop I attended in 2002. The write-a-thon will run June 17 – July 27th during the course of this year’s workshop.

They ask you to set a goal and I decided to finish my novel Channel Zilch .  I’ve written just over 100,000 words of the book and feel that I’ve got about 25k to go, so it’s doable. I’ve already started working on it daily.

The first thing I did was to read through and write a summary of the final 20 chapters 40-58. The book is pretty much finished up to chapter 40 and there is a bunch of good stuff that I’ll be able to keep in those final chapters.

I ‘ve got a bit of re-plotting to do as some of the motivation for the plot has changed. Not going to go into detail about that until I’ve re-outlined the final chapters.

The past couple days I have been listening to voice notes I’ve made about the book over the past few years while I’ve been too ill to write. I was damned pleased with some of the ideas in the notes. Looks like I already have more than enough ideas to flesh out the end of the book.

The write-a-thon organizers have lined up some really sweet mentors for the program. Paul Park  was an inspiring instructor for my 2002 CW class. He is a kickass artist and I love his books. And Michael Swanwick will be onboard. I have loved his books for decades – In the Drift, The Iron Dragon’s Daughter, Vacuum Flowers – great stuff. I will get to meet some new authors:  Hugo-winning Eileen Gunn, Vylar Kaftan, Louise Marley, and Cat Rambo.

The write-a-thon will be a real kick in the butt to me to get Channel Zilch out the door.

I have always been most productive when I am working on a few very different projects at the same time. I plan to get ChipWits out the door in June and Channel Zilch finished in July.


2 responses

  1. Jon

    So glad to hear it! Can’t wait to buy the final version!

    May 20, 2007 at 4:06 pm

  2. Thanks, Jon. I am curious as to what Jon you be? Blossom?

    May 20, 2007 at 4:50 pm

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