Makes ya wanna think.

First 500 word day on Channel Zilch

Had a great day of writing today. I’ve been doing a lot of prep work for the writing – summarizing the final chapters, transcribing voice notes, researching, plotting – and it paid off today when I wrote 500 keeper words in about 2 hours. Felt great.

Tomorrow I start teaching Margaret ActionScript programming. She’s going to be handling parts of GODinabox – combat, special effects, and more – and we’re going to have fun getting her up to speed. I expect her to catch fire as a programmer.

Spent a good couple hours on the lake today. Windy and warm. Saw my first pumpkinseed guarding a nest today and the first tiny fish from this Springs spawns. The lake is low and the lake bottom is pitted from beaver and muskrat burrowing for lily roots and last Winter’s attempts to dig new shore burrows in the shallow flats – the low water exposed every shore burrow last Fall. I am amazed at how “farmed” the lake is by its critters.

I am jazzed by today’s progress on the book and know I’m going to finish it by the end of the Write-a-thon – July 27th. It’s only taken 15 years to finish (although it started as a story-telling screensaver, not a book, to be fair.)

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