Makes ya wanna think.

Clarion West Write-a-thon Begins

It’s the second day of the Write-a-thon and I did another 500 words (529), which is my daily target. It’s great motivation to be writing in the company of the other 33 Write-a-thoners. Some of us post our progress on the Clarion West forum so there is a sense of comradery and shared purpose.

Had a great Daddy’s Day yesterday. Margaret made pancakes for breakfast and then we went swimming in the lake. In the evening we worked on GODinabox’s Flying Spaghetti Monster game and our pirates are coming to life. Here’s a peek at the dandy pirate Evelyn Bonecrusher:

Evelyn Bonecrusher Head

It’s a hoot turning the clay heads of gangsters from my 22-year old game King of Chicago into pirates. Margaret made a sweet pirate outfit for him of which we’ll be taking some photos tomorrow. I also did some painted ships and captain cabin interiors.

Last thing we did was to watch the final 3 episodes of Full Metal Alchemist, an excellent animated series. Great art, filled with non-clichéd dramatic situations and characters. Highly recommended. I’m sure I’ll watch all 51 episodes again.

Off to swim in the lake and then I’ll do some ChipWits work.

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