Makes ya wanna think.

ChipWits Subpanel comments and 1st comments on Hel’s Bet

I got a real geeky ChipWits feature working – Subpanel comments. A player can now record comments for each Subpanel, like “Follow the wall and store each move on the Direction stack” and “Got a bug in this panel. Gets stuck in symmetrical rooms.”

Laid the foundation for deleting Subpanels.

Got some nice comments on Hel’s Bet from Denis Grundmann, my best friend from high school. This is the first time he’s read it.

“Putting down the bk is hard. Is that a part of the authorial art? To torture grown men to yearn to know what happens next? Then you’ve achieved, at least up to page 300, your goal.” “I’ve got to say you’ve got it down in this book, the plot is good and the theory let’s me pretend I’m in on it with the best of ‘em.”

I’ll take that as a thumbs up for the first 300 pages.

Second night of thunderstorms. Last night’s storm washed away the gravel I’d put in the ruts of the road up the hill to The Pad. Tonight’s storm will deepen the ruts. I need the exercise of hauling wheelbarrows of gravel up the hill.

I’m playing loud music – some Eels – to mask the sound of the storm because my 2 horrible dogs freak out at thunder.

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