Makes ya wanna think.

First Hel’s Bet review from someone I don’t know

A couple weeks ago I got an email from a guy who got hooked on Hel’s Bet from reading the 14 chapters I posted on . He’s a geek from England. He just finished the book and liked it a lot: “The book is a fantastic adventure from start to finish, backed up by the fact that you’ve clearly done one hel (!) of a lot of research.  I loved most of the characters, both good guys and bad, and the interaction between them as time and confinement increased was superb.”

It’s important to me that the tech in Hel’s Bet not make geeks wince and his response on that issue is heartening: “I’ve already mentioned the research you must have done, and as my job partly involves the use of Bayesian Inference models, fuzzy logic, Neural Nets and the like, it was great to see you use them in context.”

Excuse me for tooting my own horn but now that the book is finished I have to move into PR mode to snag an agent.

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