Makes ya wanna think.

Moonlight canoeing

Had a slumber party with my teaching buddy Sam Ross. We went canoeing in last night’s moon, which was almost too bright to look at. We drifted in the moon shadow of Ogre Island and watched the white pine silhouette against the moon. Then we walked the perimeter trail using the flashlight sparingly.

Today we paddled out to the island and explored and drew. Haven’t drawn in a long time. It hurt my head when I was sick with brainrot. I used pastels today and did a fun landscape – the first drawing I’ve liked in maybe 6 years. I need to get some watercolors.

We walked the perimeter trail again today in the sunlight and went into the tamarack bog to find pitcher plants. Found lots of them. I’ll take some pictures. They are insectivorous and look like they belong in a jungle, not a Wisconsin wetland.

I’m starting to get some great crit for Hel’s Bet. I appreciate it, friends.

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