Makes ya wanna think.

Working on the game

I spend most of my days working on ChipWits. I am shooting to have a solid release for October 1st, which is the deadline for entering the Independent Games Festival.

I really like having deadlines. The Clarion West Write-a-thon deadline lit a fire under my tush to finish Hel’s Bet. I am getting better at working hard for a deadline but not letting it burn me out.

I am working on ChipWits content – tutorial missions. Each simple mission introduces a new chip ( SKATE, ELECTROCRAB, RIGHT45) or feature (comments, clicking on an existing chip to change it). I hadn’t created a new mission in many months until this week – I had a sort of mission block.

I’m through that now and being productive. Each mission requires lots of twiddling to get it right – the maze, the distribution of things in the maze, writing the intro text for the mission, creating a ChipWit to start the mission, allocating cycles, legal operators, and arguments.

I am still creating missions with a kludgey system starting with an Excel spreadsheet, saving the spreadsheet as text, and converting it into an XML-format mission with a utility program I wrote. Soon I’ll be able to use Mark Roth’s ChipWits Mission Editor. He’s working hard to get it ready for Oct 1. Can’t wait to see what missions players come up with.

The temp dropped from 77 to 47 today so the weather was wild. No rain but lots of wind. I took the dogs out canoeing and have sore shoulders from paddling into the wind.

The maples and birch away from the lake are about 50% into full Fall color. Surrounding the lake they’ve just started to turn color. Wonder why.

October is the prettiest month on Martel Lake. The oak, maple, and birch are psychadelic.

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