Makes ya wanna think.

Just sent a request for crit to a Singularity Institute email list

Time to get some criticism from movers and shakers in the Singularity community:

I’ve written a science fiction novel that is unabashed propaganda for working on and donating to Singularity projects. It’s a space opera with a stolen space shuttle, a shootout between robots and Russian gangsters, and an underground Singularity tech group called The Choir Invisible. The protagonist is Heloise Chin, who describes herself as The Pinup Grrrl for the Geek Rapture.

Heloise issues a formal declaration of war on death and has upgraded Pascal’s Wager to Hel’s Bet:

Work for the Singularity to increase your odds of living indefinitely.
Don’t bother if you have a taste for dirt.

The hardcore Singularity propaganda doesn’t kick in until near the end of Hel’s Bet, but there are hints of it from the start. It does not get into Singularity tech at all nor does it get deeply into practical and philosophical issues. I will dive into that in the next two books of my projected Geek Rapture Trilogy.

I’ve posted a big hunk of the novel to . Take a look and if it grabs you email me directly for a pdf of the complete manuscript. I am looking for critiques at any level from editing faux pas to overall reviews. I’d love to snag some blurbs to use for the next step toward getting Hel’s Bet published – getting a good agent. Feel free to circulate the ms. among others in the Singularity community.

I am appalled at the lack of resources dedicated to developing Singularity tech and Hel’s Bet is my best shot at doing something about that.

I am a computer game developer currently working on reviving my classic game ChipWits . My next game project is GODinabox: Desktop Digital Deities – – which is a collaboration with Bobby Henderson, creator of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. In the mid-90’s I was a programmer/manager in Microsoft Research’s Virtual Worlds Group – the first MSFT open source project. I am a graduate of the Clarion West speculative writers’ workshop – .

Hope you like it,

Doug Sharp


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