Makes ya wanna think.

Just sent in our Independent Games Festival submission for ChipWits II!

Tonight is the deadline for submitting games to the Independent Games Festival.

I had to write a 200 word description of ChipWits II and 1,500 words of instructions to the judges. The others on the ChipWits team – Mike Johnston, Margaret Sharp, Mark Roth, and Kellyn Beeck – all pitched in to help get the writing into shape.

I then did a little ChipWits coding – got our new Score and Cycle screens to show live numbers. And now I am going to sleep.

It was a wet, calm day. I paddled out the Ogre Island and saw 2 young otters cruising. I wonder if they are at the age that they have to head off and find their own territory. After daily sightings of 7 otters at the beginning of Summer they became scarce. I hope these adopt Martel.

As I paddled up to the island a young, not fully white-headed bald eagle flew off over the water.

Looks like I’ll be in my cabin all Winter. Time to order more wood for the stove.

The next couple of weeks I get ChipWits ready to launch and start laying the groundwork for a project I’m doing with Kellyn.

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