Makes ya wanna think.

Just Announced a ChipWits II Contest

I just sent this email out to people who have entered ChipWits contests before or who have expressed interest in our game:


It’s been a long time coming, but there is a shiny new build of ChipWits up on .  Please stop by and download it. Your registration key should still work (let me know if it doesn’t).

There are tons of new features. The most exciting addition is our online Mission Editor designed and programmed by Mark Roth, who played ChipWits on the C-64 when he was 10. The editor uses Google Base to store published Missions so you can share them with the ChipWits community. The Mission Editor is under construction, but you can build real Missions with it now.

We’ve concentrated on improving the game – especially the IBOL programming environment. You can now set breakpoints; make comments on chips, panels, and ChipWits; enjoy the convenience of undo/redo/cut/copy/paste; and name your Subpanels. There is also new music by Mike Johnston and Kathleen Mylecraine.

I’ve moved it to run on Adobe AIR, so it runs on the Mac, and soon on Linux.

It’s been a long time since it was playtested and I’m asking you, who have entered our contests before or expressed interest in the game, to join in hunting bugs while you program a ChipWit to conquer a new Mission: Gridburgh. It’s the first Mission I developed on Mark’s Mission Editor.

I’ll post some hints about Gridburgh in our Forum tomorrow.

We’ve named our updated game ChipWits II.

We’ve entered CWII in the Independent Games Festival: (our page is ). Wish us luck – there are 173 entries.

 I hope you enter this week’s contest, which ends midnight PST on Monday, Oct 15th. We’ll be holding regular contests. The winners will be enshrined in the Prestigious Hall of Pie ;^) . Win Immortal Honor and a T-Shirt! Send your entries (you can submit 2) to .

We hope you enjoy our game,

Doug Sharp


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