Makes ya wanna think.

Cosy Feeling, Sad Anniversary, and Hel’s Bet agent letter

I just had my Winter’s supply of propane delivered – 4 100-gallon cannisters. Earlier in the week I got my Winter firewood delivered – 3 face cords. The wood truck dumps the logs in a huge pile and I’ll spend the next couple of days stacking them under my firewood shelters beside the house. I hauled and stacked 112 logs yesterday and aim to stack over 100 per day.

Feels great to have the Winter’s warmth taken care of.

We’ve been getting deluged by storm after storm. The lake is up 18 inches from its Summer low. Still have another 18 inches to go to reach last year’s level.

I waited too long to post last week’s contest so I am going to try again tonight. My Mac is crashing randomly so I haven’t been able to test the Mac build well.

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of my disability. Ten years ago I was having a blast as the demo god for Microsoft Research’s Virtual Worlds group. I worked with artists, coders, musicians, interns putting together and running demos of our cool Virtual Worlds tech. On Oct 17th, 1997 I realized that my seizures were coming back so often that I could no longer work. I remember sitting in my office going over and over again how frequently my seizures were hitting me. The real test was that I was not producing. Every time I sat down to code my seizures hit me and I shied away.

My seizures are not grand mal – I don’t pass out. They involve chest pain, confusion with language, static in my thinking, free-floating pain, and at their worst uncontrollable twitching and verbalization.

Over the last 10 years I hit some pretty low lows as the pain became overwhelming. Talking with interesting people about fun stuff became impossible. I bought my cabin as a refuge for healing and it has worked. I am rebuilding my ability to work. I am still very slow and find it impossible to hit deadlines because I still have small seizures when I work hard and have to spend many days resting. But I am on my way back! That’s the great news after 10 hard years.

And as part of my return to the Doug of yesterday I have written an agent query letter for Hel’s Bet. I’ve sent it to friends, Clarion colleagues, and Paul Park and received some great input. Paul Park has promised to get back to me this week with comments and as soon as I incorporate his input I’ll send off the query.

So on my 10th anniversary of a sad, sad day I am nearing completion of ChipWits and am just about to start hawking my completed novel. What a great feeling.

And it feels great to know I won’t freeze to death this Winter.

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