Makes ya wanna think.

Dancing on the ceiling

Yesterday I sent out 9 query emails to agents. Within 2 hours I got a request for a partial manuscript of Hel’s Bet from Shawna McCarthy, one of the top 10 speculative fiction agents. I am euphoric. One more step toward publication (he said optimistically). She said, “Your work sounds interesting and I’d be happy to look at the first three chapters and synopsis.”


So I am taking the weekend off from programming to write a synopsis. I’m such a neophyte in the book-pimping game that I don’t have one ready to go. So I’ve spent the morning reading online “How to write the magical synopsis” articles. Hook the reader, tell your whole story, third person present tense, compress but keep it flowing. It’s the major sales tool in getting an agent.

Getting asked for a partial ms. is a big step, especially from such a prominent agent (Ms. McCarthy is also Editor of Realms of Fantasy magazine ) . It certainly validates my query letter.

Off to synopsize.

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