Makes ya wanna think.

Long, Hard Winter

This Winter I had to haul my supplies into The Pad (my cabin) on a sled.Hauling Laundry on the Sled

The last 200 yards of the road are too twisty for the snowplow.

I use a belly-band designed for skijoring but instead of harnessing the dogs I harness the supply sled.

Doug hauling sled

I haul groceries in, laundry in and out, and trash out.

I take one trip (14 miles) a week into the big city (pop. 1,200) of Luck to get groceries and drop off my laundry.  Every other week I haul my trashcan to the car and drive it the 1.5 miles to the nearest paved road where the trash hauler picks it up.


Of course Mika loves to haul me while I haul the sled.


The snow is still about a week away from wearing out. I’ll probably haul the sled through the mud for a week or so after that. The road has to dry out before I can drive the car up to the cabin.

I’ve had a blast hauling supplies. Makes me feel like a pioneer in the wilderness.

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