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The Eternal Battle Between Dog and Frog Puppet & Frabjuous Day!

Margaret, my beautiful but criminally insane Margaret Criminally Insane

daughter , trained my horrible dogs to torture a frog puppet.

They seem to like the activity, twisted though it is, so I indulge them with bouts of Kill the Frog:

Travis starts his attack on Frog

Travis, driven mad with frog-hate, moves in for the kill:

When he has the frog in his mouth Travis is pure evil:

Mika isn’t intimidated. She wants that frog:

Once Mika has the frog it’s hers:

and Travis doesn’t bother to fight her for it. Mika is too intense when she plays tug-of-war. She loves to pull and she won’t let go and she’s 39 pounds of bone and muscle. She’d play tug-of-war all day if she could train a human to be her slave. She doesn’t care about HAVING the frog – she wants to play tug with it, so she doesn’t keep it to herself for long:

She runs right up to me and demands that I try to pull it away from her:

Pitying the poor frog, I rescue it:

We reenact the eternal Battle Between Dog and Frog Puppet 2 or 3 times a night. The dogs lure me outside to play by being unbearable cute and eager.

On the Frabjuous Day front:


I had to drive fast to plunge through a foot of wet snow where the road dips into the valley, but I can now drive up to the cabin:

Spring has sprung at The Pad.

2 responses

  1. Does Mika have a loop of electrical wire around her neck?

    I was born in Wisconsin, but now live in a warmer region. I used to hate winter as a boy, but now I realize that winter makes the spring that comes afterward so much more amazing.

    April 8, 2008 at 12:16 am

  2. Mika wears a radio collar. She loves to escape and go on epic wanders. It’s a husky trait. In the 2 years she’s worn the collar my daughter and I tracked her down twice within a few hours. We have a base unit that goes beep-beep-beep louder as you point it in her direction. We drive around the back country roads triangulating on her and eventually she crosses a road and we reunite with her.

    Before I got her the collar she had a couple of overnight escapes. She always makes her way to a farmhouse or cabin when she’s ready to come home. She’s got tags so people call me to pick her up. In the 4 years I’ve lived here she’s had about 8 cross-country adventures.

    I do look forward to Spring. We got another inch of snow last night.

    Spring is my least favorite season because of the ticks and the mud. Autumn is the most wonderful month here. The oaks, maples, and birch around the lake are psychedelic.

    April 8, 2008 at 12:37 am

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