Makes ya wanna think.

Last Week Had Everything

Last week the sky brought us warm sun, pouring rain, dog-feared thunder, sleet, and last night a thin wet coating of snow.

The lake had been promising to open up for a week. Ogre Island was just out of reach across the ice:

2 otters hung out on the ice eating fish between dives. They were sleek and fat.

Wednesday the ice broke up and I canoed out to our island with the dogs:

Mika revels in having the run of our island. She doesn’t have to wear a leash and she can run her heart out:

The dogs scoured the whole island looking for little furry things to kill:

They found a nest of young mice.

I sat and let the calm soak into my bones. Canoeing and sitting on my ass on the island are healing. As much as I love the beauty of winter I am happiest when I canoe every day.

The loons arrived on Wednesday when the ice broke up. I was behind the cabin playing with the dogs when I heard their first call. Other than certain female voices the wail of the loon is my favorite sound. (Loons make four sounds.)

Last Sunday I saw spring’s first mudminnows swimming upstream to spawn. I was visiting Brook and Stephanie (owners of Cafe Wren) and they took me down to the brook leading from the beaver pond they overlook. Sure enough we spotted mudminnows right away – 3″ long cigar-shaped fish doing a miniature version of a salmon run. These guys are smarter than salmon because they don’t die after they spawn.

Here’s a shot of a mudminnow I netted in my own creek 2 years ago:

I’ve got 4 of them in my native fish aquariums and they are cool little guys.

I’ve got the woodstove glowing and am about to return to ChipWits. Margaret and I are upgrading the graphics in a way that will make the game stand out from the crowd.

(I’ve misplace my camera so these pictures are all from previous years.)

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