Makes ya wanna think.

Swans and ChipWits 3D progress

I saw the swan family for the first time today. They hatched 3 cygnets this year. I got a zoom-blurred shot of their outing:

Swan family outing

Swan family outing

I hadn’t seen the nesting pair of swans for a month. They were driven out of the shallow beaver lake by bald eagles and nested beside a beaver lodge in Martel Lake’s marshy bay.

I burnt out on ChipWits again so I am moving at SNAIL speed.

Programming fries me if I keep it up for long – my damn epilepsy/pain neuropathy. When I program past my limit it feels like someone is holding an invisible sparkler in front of my face – the sparks don’t burn my face but arc through my brain. If I ignore that symptom and keep programming the sparks spit hotter and faster – like fiery static – and it’s impossible to think.

Four years ago I couldn’t program at all so I am grateful for what I can do.

This brain-damage stuff is no fun to write or read so I don’t talk about it much in my blog.

The important thing is that, however slowly, ChipWits is moving toward release. Margaret has been doing a great job designing our new interface. The 3D testures are still under construction, but here’s what our Mission Gadget looks like:

We’ll release ChipWits when it’s ready. I have a pretty short list of bugs and features to add.

I have kept writing Operation American Freedom and am feeling good about the book. I won’t PR it seriously until the end of the month when I have more chapters written.

We’re having a doggie support group tonight. Mika and Travis are huddled under my desk touching my feet with their backs. We’ve had some glorious thunderstorms tonight and the dogs are not as enthusiastic about lightning and thunder as I am.

Here’s a shot of my beautiful, willful little husky Mika:

Mika, the beautiful

Mika, the beautiful

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