Makes ya wanna think.

In honor of the Large Hadron Collider Startup: The Large Hadron Rap

Brilliant lyrics and visuals give a fun overview of the LHC, diving into the Higgs, anti-matter inbalance, and the functions of various LHC detectors. Nice laid-back beat. One of the few geek raps that doesn’t make me cringe. By the brilliant Katherine McAlpine.

I am taking a break from ChipWits coding to rewrite Hel’s Bet. I got some great, inspiring crits from my online writing group – Written in Blood. I am taking this week to digest the crits. I am making a chapter by chatper outline of changes. Other crits I am categorizing – Dialog, Plot, Infodump, Character.

Once I get the notes organized rewriting will be mostly fun stuff. I’ve cooked up some new scenes I can’t wait to write. The book is going to move more quickly and some of my secondary characters are going to have more stake in the story.

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