Makes ya wanna think.

Dogs’ and Doug’s Eyes

Brown-eyed beauty Travis. He spens

Brown-eyed beauty Travis.

My horrible dogs Travis and Mika have beautiful brown eyes.

Brown-eyed beauty Mika.

Brown-eyed beauty Mika.

I am making slow progress on Hel’s Bet. Hel’s Bet is fundamentally upbeat and optimistic and I have to feel good when I write. My brainrot is acting up this Winter and so I spend a lot of time resting and reading. I have lived through many years when I couldn’t write at all so I am grateful for every sentence I write.

I am going to bounce the first rewritten chapters off my writing group tomorrow night. The weatherputer is predicting 5-8 inches of snow tomorrow so I am going to fire up my woodstove, stay snug inside, and write up a storm.

I love my daily walks but when I am this sick they exhaust me. I’m going to skip our walk tomorrow. The dogs won’t like that one bit.

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