Makes ya wanna think.

Great Day of Writing

Last night I uploaded the first 44 pages of Hel’s Bet for critique by my kickass online writing group – Written in Blood. I had my best day of writing in months. Staying inside while the snow fell paid off.

The opening pages of the book are getting a big overhaul – mostly character development. The first 50 pages of the last draft of HB shuddered to a halt repeatedly as new characters were introduced with much verbal fanfare but little narrative drama. Now as my characters are introduced they get sucked right into the story.

My protagonist, Mick, is getting an IQ boost of about 15 points (thanks, Linda!) and is more engaged in just about every scene. I have ripped out a completely useless metanarrative that did nothing but spoil the suspense.

Because my brain has trouble with ordered complexity (listlike things) restructuring the book has been tough. Now that I’ve got all the new plot points laid out and all my notes from the writing group and voice recorder transcribed and organized I am ready for the fun of straightahead narrative writing.

I had a blast writing yesterday. Whenever my brainrot pain became too distracting to continue I was able to take a break and keep moving.

Me and my horrible dogs in front of the Haunted Trailer.

Me and my horrible dogs in front of the Haunted Trailer.

If I can write today 1/4 of what I wrote yesterday I will be one happy scribbler.

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