Makes ya wanna think.

Shiny New Words for Hel’s Bet and the First Canoe Trip of ’09

I wrote a new chapter today and had a great time doing it – about 1,800 new words. It was my best day of writing for weeks. I still have a shot at finishing Hel’s Bet by the end of April.

I promised myself I wouldn’t canoe until I finished this chapter. I kept on writing with almost no pain for hour after hour. I had a great time and threw myself into acting out each scene until the dialog felt just right – earning head tilts from Travis dog. The sun was almost down when I wrote the last words.

We had a great canoe trip. The dogs are always a little baffled that the boat works again after walking on the lake for months, but they love floating out on the lake and were quite happy. About half the lake is still ice covered and I got to do a little ice breaking near Ogre Island, which the dogs didn’t enjoy.

Nice to have a bunch of shiny new words in my little book. I’m feeling good.

I saw a pair of sandhill cranes in a field today. Any day now my nightly loon chorus will return.

I’ve been doing the nightly sunset healing practice and I like it a lot. I solved the problem of how to pamper my sense of taste by eating fresh fruit – strawberries and pineapple so far.  Will blog further on this because the practice has given me a lot to think about.

I’ll post pix of the ice canoeing tomorrow. Here’s another picture of a pitcher plant:

Looking down into a pitcher plant. This is where the insects drown and are digested.

Looking down into a pitcher plant. This is where the insects drown and are "digested".

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