Makes ya wanna think.

I just heard the first loon of the year!

The ice melts differently each year. This time it’s melting slowly and evenly from North to South. The melt finally reached the dock yesterday so after I wrote my chapter we took our first canoe trip.

You can see from Travis’s expression that he still isn’t sure whether the boat is a good idea since we’ve been walking on the lake all winter.

It felt great to be out on the lake.

Today we went out again to scout for loons and spotted them at a distance.  I saw two otter – otter are usually active in Martel right after ice out.

I just heard the loons on Miller Camp Lake calling – the first loon call of the year! The loons on my Martel Lake often have night quartets with the Miller Camp pair. Loon music will be part of my day until they fly off to the ocean this fall. I hope they raise chicks this year.

I just found out that there are only around 3,200 loons in Wisconsin. On most summer evenings I listen to 4 of them. What a privilege to live at The Pad.

I did some rereading and pruning of Hel’s Bet opening chapters and did some query prep work. Brook is going to help me with correspondence and promoting the book, which is a huge load off my mind – details make my brain go PFFFT.

Tomorrow I’m going to finish rewriting a couple of chapters. The lake should be completely ice free.

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