Makes ya wanna think.

Too-windy day on Martel Lake

Yesterday I abandoned a canoe trip because the wind was too strong. First time in 5 years of boating here that I’ve tied up at the shore away from my dock and walked back to the cabin. Usually when the wind is fierce I can find calm near the shore but yesterday’s wind was wild and gusty.

The dogs were riled up by the waves and wind.

The water is ice-cold because the lake just thawed – I wasn’t up for a dunking with 2 dogs.

Had a great writing session with Brook. I am going to read every word of Hel’s Bet to him so I read the first 2 chapters. Brook is a stone-faced Nordic and it’s fun when the book gets him to smile. I found out that reading out loud uses up energy I need for collaborating so from now on I will read to Brook over the phone – bedtime stories – and just dictate while we’re together.

I’m looking forward to a couple days of rain to start my creek running. Mudminnows can’t do their spawning run up a dry creek bed.

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