Makes ya wanna think.

I saw an ermine hunting today

I walk 3/4 miles one way to my mailbox. The last half of the walk follows the edge of a farmer’s field.

We are snug inside from the first real snowstorm of the season. It was snowing lightly this morning as we walked to the mailbox. I saw a  brown mouse running over the snow in the field. And then I saw the ermine chasing it. I saw its black tail tip first and then the tiny white weasel hopping quickly after the mouse. I wasn’t quick enough to take a picture so here’s an ermine from the web:

The ermine  saw my dogs and turned back to the weeds from which it flushed the mouse. Neither dog saw the white ermine against the snow but both of them saw the mouse. Travis ran straight to the mouse and killed it while I watched the ermine streak back into the weeds.

This was only the second ermine I’ve seen in my life. Devoted followers of my blog (Hi, Mom!) will remember Herman the Ermine who moved into Margaret’s closet the winter she lived at The Pad. The dogs chased Herman but never caught him. Margaret caught Herman on video, however:

I hope this is an otter winter. I’ve only seen otters pop out of a hole in the ice twice.

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