Makes ya wanna think.

First Sledge of Winter

The last 200 yards to my cabin aren’t plowable in the winter so I sledge out my trash and dirty laundry and sledge in groceries and sweet-smelling socks:

I pull it with a belly band. It’s great exercise to break trail with the sledge after new snow.

Mika pulls me and I pull the sledge.

We got 6 inches of soft snow so I was sweating and breathing hard at the end of each haul.

I’m carless until I sell the book so Brook picked up groceries and laundry in Luck.

Sledging supplies makes The Pad feel much more Wildernessy ;^)

Brook was great as always – he was happy with the progress I made in the last week straightening up the cabin. My day started with frozen pipes – I turned up the crawlspace spaceheater and they thawed before Brook arrived.  Brook crawled under the cabin and discovered that our resident snowshoe hares had knocked out some insulation to let cold air straight into the pipes.

I am going to take the next four days off to goof off hard. I’m not going to do any chores. I’ll get out every day for a big walk with the dogs.

It’ll be a few weeks until the ice is thick enough for walking. Until then Ogre Island is out of reach.

I am getting some great first reactions to Hel’s Bet from new readers. Next week I’ll meet with Brook to start work on the query letter and synopsis. I’ll be well rested after my long weekend of eating bonbons by the woodstove.

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