Makes ya wanna think.

First Walk on the Lake

We took our first walk on Lake Almira today. Brook reported that ice fishing shacks are out on the big lakes so I know my lakes are pretty safe as long as I don’t walk near the beaver lodges.

There were areas of slush on the lake where water had seeped through. Most of these surround otter holes but one was caused by a predator cracking open a muskrat den:

I just had a great 5 day break and am raring to get back to work on Hel’s Bet. Brook came to The Pad yesterday and we plotted the next few moves. Hel’s Bet is being read by a lot of new readers.

Two days ago the dogs escaped – my hands were cold and I missed Mika’s collar with the leash snap. Mika took off for a 2 hour run with Travis tagging along. It was a bitter cold day with 3 inches of new snow on top of 6 inches of fresh snow. I spent an hour following their tracks. Mika’s radio collar battery was dead so I had to wait for them to return or for a call from the farm family the dogs would eventually “ask” for help. I was quite relieved when I heard them come through the dog door. I worry about coyotes.

They slept like corpses that night – it was a mighty wander breaking lots of snow trails. Mika has a new battery in her radio collar.

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