Makes ya wanna think.

First Guitar Lesson: Solo Grimace

First Lesson: Getting the Solo Grimace just Right - Tomorrow I learn a chord!

I am working to regain some of the skills that I lost during my years of intense seizures. Making music and drawing became intensely painful. I am going to do my neuroplastic exercises while I draw and play to see if I can build happy new neurons.

I want to recover my ability to draw so I can finish my graphic book, “Bk.: A Not-So Novel”:

From the chapter "A Child's Garden of WWIII"

I learned a bit about my current brain as I got ready to draw today. Just organizing my art supplies completely destroyed me almost to a seizure level. All I did was straighten out a box of pencils, but my brain hates that sort of stuff. Tomorrow I actually USE the pencils to draw.

Corpse in Party Hat, Faceless Worker attaches coffin to ride, Coffins Spin - panels from "The Amusement Park for The Dead" from "Bk.: A Not-So Novel"

I’ve always wanted to learn to play the electric guitar so I tuned up the old Hohner Rockwood and downloaded some chord patterns. I apologize in advance for any music of mine you may hear.

Next week I plan to start juggling.

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