Makes ya wanna think.

Cyborg Dentistry & An Alien Tooth Fragmently

UPDATED: Mystery solved. I bit down on another “tooth fragment” recently. It turned out to be a fragment from cheapy fork and spoon handles. The metal bent and eventually broke off a piece of the plastic handle which looked remarkably like a tooth fragment – even fooling a dentist from a distance. Time to get new silverware!

ORIGINAL POST (keeping this straight is vital to the integrity of blogging ;^): I broke a screw in my mouth while eating breakfast. I bit into a forkful of yummy salsa-smothered tortilla with eggs, black beans & rice and snapped off the support screw of a gold implant.

Alien Tooth Fragment and Gold Implant showing sheered screw

The culprit that broke my implant screw is that chunk of tooth. I couldn’t find a chip that size in any of my remaining teeth!

Brook lined me up with an emergency dental appt in Rice Lake at 7 am the next day:

The dentist inspected my mouth, looking for the place the tooth fragment came from, and agreed with me – IT DIDN’T COME FROM MY MOUTH! It must have been in the can of black beans or salsa!

The dentist was able to loosen the broken tip of the screw, still in the implanted socket in my jaw, and thinks that I may just need a new screw attached to my implant. He didn’t recognize the brand of hardware implanted in my jaw so Brook is tracking down my original dentist to get the part #. Once we get the part # for the screw I can be repaired.

I’m grateful I live now. Dental infections used to kill in the good old days.

2 responses

  1. Er, aouch. That sounds like a frightening experience (though I’m sure glad a broken tooth that size wasn’t your own). Glad you’re OK now!

    March 4, 2010 at 2:47 pm

    • Not so much frightening as extremely odd and a bit disturbing ;^)

      March 4, 2010 at 3:30 pm

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