Makes ya wanna think.

Blue Flag

2010-06-08 Wet walk 037, originally uploaded by DougDroogSharp.

Martel Lake is about three feet low so our usual clumps of Blue Flag are high and dry this year with few blooms. Blue Flag is a wild Iris and is one of my favorite flowers – elegant in its symmetry and delicately-veined coloration.

The first year I lived at The Pad – 6 years ago now – I was in much more pain than I live with now. I was unable to write. I spent hours that first summer floating quietly in my canoe, healing. I paddled out to Ogre Island one day and as I rounded the point I saw my first Blue Flags lining the bay. Their beauty was in such stark contrast to my constant harsh pain that I cried. I remember saying to myself, “I deserve this.”

One response

  1. myrna

    You so deserve life with out pain.
    I am so happy you found confort and healing at The Pad.

    August 9, 2010 at 5:14 pm

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