Makes ya wanna think.

Celebrating the end of 18 years of work

Brook and Stephanie dropped by to celebrate finishing Channel Zilch. We had a bang-up party which featured canoeing, picnicking, and looting.

I reread the book and must admit I still get a kick out of it. I sent it to about a dozen new and old readers.

I’ve been goofing off hard in the past week. I’ve started taking notes for the new query letter. Next week I write it and start the agent hunt.

4 responses

  1. W000t!! Go Doug (and the weather over at the Pad looks fabulous. I’m envious. What we get in Brittany is drenched/gloomy/drenched, and so on 🙂 )

    July 14, 2010 at 9:30 am

  2. Hurrah! And echoing Aliette–it looks just gorgeous there by that water. I’m envious too…

    July 16, 2010 at 1:44 pm

  3. Pat Flynn


    Came across your blog by way of a really long and winding road, but not anywhere as nice as the road you have out to your great looking retreat in Wisconsin!

    I was looking around the web checking out old radio and TV people I had watched, known or worked with over the past 40 years, and somehow, I typed in Kellyn Beck, KUGN. I remembered that his last name was really “Beeck.”

    Have spent the past three hours now tracking thru the listings of Kellyn here there and everywhere, and the most recent trace of him was in regards to a post he made last year to news of your latest literary effort.

    Spent the past hour looking back and reading the blog since early 2009, and I am jealous of the photographs you have assembled of your habitat. Interesting reading about your life struggles and life at the Lake.

    So how in the hell do I know Kellyn Beck?

    Short and to the point, I worked with Kellyn at KLAD AM in Klamath Falls OR in 1976/77. I was the morning DJ and he was the news director. After a pair of really whacked out sadistic radio people came to the station by kissing the owners ass and made life miserable for all of us, he left KLAD for the bigger news stories in Eugene OR and I made my way across town to the rock n roll station, and eventually to the start of my career in railroading in 1979, the job I hope to retire from in about 3 years.

    I had forgotten about K’s interest in the Middle Ages, and fancy games back then and that new fangled thing, the computer. I visited with him and his wife at that time, Vickie (?) when they lived in Vancouver WA later in the 70’s. Lost track of them after the divorce.

    And now I have learned of all the fantastic shit Kellyn has done in computer games (that I don’t play since I work with three keyboards, two mice, and ten screens for eight hours each day at the railroad)! And those “California Raisins…!” What a surprise. Our 31 year old son used to laugh at those little things everytime they came on TV. And I’d bet he’s come across some of Kellyn’s games – he’s a big computer fan.

    Anyway, haven’t been able to find anyway to link to Mr. Beeck, and thought if you have the time and even care to, could ya please pass along my name and email address to Kellyn? If he even remembers me, I’ll be surprised.

    But I thought I’d try. And continued progress in all things at the lake, in the book, games and life!

    Pat Flynn
    Kansas City, MO

    July 17, 2010 at 1:35 am

    • Pat,
      Sadly, Kellen Beeck, who I once thought of as my best friend, is now my enemy. He destroyed my daughter’s and my computer game company, Zilch Spacecasting Network, by promising to produce a game called Elves and then backing out on his commitment when we had put 6 months into working on it.

      I found out that Kellyn is a good friend only if he needs something from you.

      July 17, 2010 at 11:31 am

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