Makes ya wanna think.

Follicle Art

In 2 weeks my beard and hair will be chopped and braided and dyed by Myrna Mae Berg and her granddaughter Payten. We’re having a Treasure Hunt at The Pad for Myrna’s birthday on 4/30 and one of the clues will involve making art out of my follicles.

Last year they created Pink Mohawk Man:

This year I grew a beard as well for their materiale artistique .

I’ve promised to wear whatever wacky hairstyle they come up with for a week and then I’ll shave my face and head.

One response

  1. myrna

    Tee Hee! Well written silly man. We will have a Kadoodle time! I have a collection of wonderous things to become your follicles.

    April 17, 2011 at 6:22 pm

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