Makes ya wanna think.

Visit by a Pinhole Wizard

2011-05-07 Earl visit 025

St. Olaf Paracollege buddy Earl Johnson visited The Pad with his pinhole cameras. In the picture above he’s setting up a shot on a tripod set in shallow water.

Earl builds his own cameras and he bought about 8 of them. He uses lots of types of film – some of his shots required over an hour of exposure.

It takes Earl a while to develop his pix. I’ll post some when he shares them.

2011-05-07 Earl visit 033

My brain hates peeling apples so Earl pitched in to make apple pie.

Earl does a pinhole portrait of me each time he visits. Last visit he took on on my dock with Ogre Island in the background. The dogs are blurred and the wind-blown lake is smoothed by a multi-minute exposure.

Earl Pinhole Portrait on Dock w Blurry Dogs

2 responses

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  2. Amazing pinhole artist.

    July 1, 2011 at 7:31 am

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