Makes ya wanna think.

Bye-Bye June

Early June was a social whirlwind at The Pad.

2011-06-09 Janet Brisson visit to The Pad 020

First came Janet Brisson who I hadn’t seen for 41 years, since our 1970 graduation from London Central High School, in Watford, England. Janet and her husband are beekeepers and have come up with non-nasty ways to control lethal bee mites which they market at Country Rubes. They drove to WI from their farm in CA for a wedding and to lecture on their beekeeping innovations at the St. Croix Beekeeper’s Association. Janet has kept in touch with old Central classmates and it was fun catching up. We had a vigorous, squelchy hike into the Tamarack Bog where the Pitcher Plants and Pink Lady Slippers put on a florid show (pix below). I hope to visit Janet’s farm on a trip west this winter.

2011-06-11 Sam and Tony Island Camping 0142011-06-10 Sam and Tony Island Camping 005

Then my old teaching buddies Sam Ross and Tony Santucci descended on Martel Lake. Sam and Tony are a hi-octane act, which can be tough on my old noggin. They know their relentless banter can wear me down so they take great care of my neurons – make me take quiet breaks, handle all the detail work – food and tent and cleanup. I cramp my laugh muscles when I’m with Sam and Tony.

I’m still eating the good food they left me.

After the long winter we had a great spring for flowers.

2011-06-12 Lady Slippers and Pitcher Plant Blooms 0562011-06-12 Lady Slippers and Pitcher Plant Blooms 039

Blooming of the Pink Lady Slippers and Pitcher Plants always draws me to the Tamarack Bog in spring.

Trillium carpeted the forest floor.

2011-06-12 Lady Slippers and Pitcher Plant Blooms 079

Blueberries are ripening nicely. They’ll be at least a week later than usual. I’ll try to gather a pint or two before the bear strips them from Ogre Island.

I’m still waiting to hear from Angry Robot about Channel Zilch. The reader who requested the full hopes to finish reading in July so here’s hoping she like my little tale!

3 responses

  1. This blog, ” Makes me smile”. You deserve that trip out west this winter.

    July 1, 2011 at 7:23 am

    • I’ve eaten 1 full handful of blueberries! The tiny critters do a great job of gobbling them up as they ripen ;^) I am planning to make a winter trip west, so I hope to take you up on that.

      July 11, 2011 at 5:58 pm

  2. Janet Brisson

    Hey Doug, are you eating your fill of blueberries?? Ours are ripening, made me think of your bog. That was a great time.
    Seriously, I hope you can make it out here. Scott and Chris live close by (3 hours). What a party!

    July 11, 2011 at 3:17 pm

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