Makes ya wanna think.

Mika Blissfully Terrorizes a Furry Critter

Travis and Mika consider our forest to be a vast Dogs vs Squirrels* Arena. The purpose of hiking is to examine every known chipmunk hangout along the trail and chase em if they are out in the open.

Before almost every hike I give a doggie peptalk about how squirrels are BAD so we are going to CHASE the BAD SQUIRRELS. It’s my dogs’ favorite speech. Both listen raptly. After my anti-squirrel harangue Travis usually leaps up to give me a kiss.  They are pumped!

On the islands Mika can wander free because she hates to swim. Her favorite thing in the world is to be offleash looking up at a treed chipmunk. She doesn’t bark but sits there happily looking up at it. [PHOTO 1].

Smart chipmunks stay up in the tree until Mika leaves. She regularly kills those who think they can run down the tree trunk and then outrun her. We are evolving a subspecies of smarter chipmunks.

Dog ethics are scale-dependent. Any animal way bigger is to be adored or avoided and any small critter is to be chased and eaten.

The only time Mika doesn’t come right to the canoe when I yell BOAT! is when she is sitting blissfully under a treed chipmunk. I have to search the island for her. Once I snap the leash to her collar, getting back to the boat becomes her idea. She hates obeying so any inevitable action has to be done of her own free will.

I admire the heck out of Mika. She is a noble being, lots of fun, and gorgeous.

*In MikaTravisDroogSpeak any little furry critter from a mouse to a chipmunk to a rabbit is a “squirrel.”

2 responses

  1. Beautiful shot of MIka. Fun to read.

    August 2, 2011 at 10:10 am

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