Makes ya wanna think.

Winter Dock

The canoe is resting.
In 2 weeks the ice should be thick enough to hike on. Ice opens up lots of great hikes to beaver lodges and islands.
I always wait until ice fishing shacks are up on the big lakes before walking on my little lakes.

One response

  1. There were many people in Madison who commuted across the lakes in winter.

    Well, some people. I think the thrill is that you could, not so much that you’d want to. has to be cold out there on the ice.

    I remember the culture of the ice fishers was one of the odder aspects of my exposure to Wisconsin life. When they could hold Kites on Ice (climate change made the lakes too soggy a couple of years) I was trepidatious about walking out on the ice, but it was a brisk, clean experience I’ll never forget.


    December 13, 2011 at 5:28 pm

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