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Sadness and Pride on Memorial Day

I drove to Spooner, WI to attend a wonderful Memorial Day service.

I thought about my Dad.

Colonel Jack Sharp, Father, Meteorologist, Professional Counselor, Skeptic, Peace Activist, August 19, 1929 - May 27, 1997

Colonel Jack Sharp, Father, Husband, Meteorologist, Professional Counselor, Programmer, National Champion Gymnast, Author, Skeptic, Peace Activist, Great Guy, August 19, 1929 – May 27, 1997

Dad risked his life for his county as an Air Force meteorologist, flying missions in B-50’s over the North Pole and Pacific in the late 50’s. In those days before satellites the Air Force ran Weather Reconnaissance missions to observe and collect air samples. Dad wrote about his Air Force career in his wonderful book Cold Fronts.

He flew missions into clouds of Russian H-bomb fallout to collect samples. When he developed lymphoma he never blamed his country: he said he volunteered and they didn’t know the dangers of radiation back then. Dad died 12 years ago on May 27th.

Thanks again, Dad.

I thought about the bravery of my nephew Major Stuart Rubio, who flew  C-130’s in Iraq and  now teaches rookie pilots how to fly C-130 Hercs.

Major Stuart Rubio on his way to marry Megan

Major Stuart Rubio on his way to marry Megan

“Stuart’s decision to enter the Air Force Academy gave me renewed pride in the unique contributions made by Thor’s Legions.” – Colonel Jack Sharp

Thanks, Stuart.

The ceremony was beautiful and moving. They read the names of those military veterans who had died in the last year. Then they read the names of military spouses who had died in the last year and I thought of the bravery of my Mom and my niece Megan Rubio, who is also an Air Force veteran.

Thanks, Mom. Thanks, Megan.

As I walked from the beautiful Northern Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery I took a trail into the woods. The trillium were in full bloom.