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Ooops! Water is back.

I survived the pipe freeze with unbroken plumbery but nearly flooded the cabin when it thawed.

To thaw the pipes I did the usual – put an electic heater next to the underinsulated outdoor pipe and then pile blankets and sleeping bags and a tarp on top. It was a bit nippy out, -5F. which is nothing compared to the -30 we’ll hit in Feb. Then I left the tub faucet on so the water would start running as soon as the ice-jam was melted away.

I build a roaring fire in the fireplace and crashed to watch The Grand (fun movie) on my laptop with headphones. I got up for a break and heard running water. VICTORY IS MINE!

I stepped out of my bedroom and my foot went slosh on the hallway rug. DANGBLASTIT!!! The tub overfloweth. I forgot to take out the plug. Sigh.

I used all the towels in the cabin to clean up the flood. If I had watched another 20 minutes of the movie the cabin would have been ankle-deep and nasty.

Civilization has returned. We’ve got running water and dry floors again at The Pad. The temperature dips to the teens tonight but the outdoor pipe is warm under its toasty blankets. Indoor plumbing is a very nice thing on a nippy night like tonight. I am going to savor every flush.