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Vashon Weird Music Fest Musicians

VWMF Musicians:

Palefina’s Labyrinth is Cyrus Morosoff playing ethereal “light noise” – slowly evolving soundscapes built on repetitive melodies drenched in reverb. Cyrus has been in a variety of bands, from the pop punk The Walk Home to the doom metal Beseech the Queen. You can find a lo-fi recording of Palefina’s Labyrinth at

Acoustic bassist Bruce Phares’ composition “Ermahgerd!” draws from his deep love of Albert Ayler and Gary Peacock’s landmark album “Ghosts”. Phares can be heard fairly regularly Saturday afternoons at his “Jam In The Atrium” series where he duets with NW jazz luminaries.

Dexter Casper Excalibur Middling’s ear piercing noises were sent from hell itself. Attendees must sign a pain waiver.

ellefläädt’s assorted chants, beats and caterwauls are cut and pasted from various disparate sources including field recordings, samples from obscure videos found online, spam calls, ineptly played guitar and other instruments with the end result being the inverse of muzak, if you will. Think of ellefläädt as the soundtrack of the long process of a man going slowly insane.

Michael Whitmore has been around a long time. He prefers nylon string guitars and tends towards the frayed edges of jazz — post-jazz, avant-jazz, free-jazz, abstract-jazz with a hint of outsider music. He also has a thing for torch songs and American primitive guitar stylings. He can catch him around town either playing solo or with his ensemble, Some’tet.

Doug “Droog” Sharp started his weird music “career” by torturing a Moog Modular in 74. He likes to describe his “music” as “infernal caterwauling.” He’s made a bunch of irritating albums which you can find by googling “droogcore”. Doug writes sci-fi (Channel Zilch, Jeff Bezos and the Sweatshop in the Sky) and was a bestselling computer game dev (ChipWits, Cinemaware’s The King of Chicago.) He’s 70 and this will be his first performance since playing in his junior high band in 65.…/